Individual, The Nation State & National Sovereignty

<SUNBIGHT>~Columnist~Eke~22nd September, 2022 @ 22:54 CAT

By Ogbanje Ụwa Motion Olive


THIS is an elected, appointed or instituted body of Administrators in the governance of a said place inhabited by human beings.

There are heirachy and ranks that makes up the Administration or Officers in a Nation State.

The Nation State could be Military or Democratic system of government which should be beneficial to the citizens and visitors occupying such area of livelihood.

The likelihood of a total support for the Administrators is not feasible as the presence of opposition enables the checkmentation of those responsible for the implementation of the civil rights or duties and Electoral manifesto.

Ethnicity, religion, belief and sexuality should not ịnfluence the choice or heirachy order of the Nation State.

Appointments or Election of Administrators should be base on capabilities and developmental mindset of the individual or candidate in order to achieve sustainable growth.

A civilised society should provide a channel of communication for the citizens to be able to make suggestions and choice in a specific cause.


An Individual is a physical human being whom can be referred to as a person in a place or a community.

An Individual could be an indigene ọr an alien in a given society enjoying an approved Human Rights and fundamental freedom.

The Wellbeing of an Individual must be prioritized by the Nation State to maintain peace and stability.
A society ịn disarray would produce unruly individuals.

Without a group of individuals, there would be no Nation State in the achievement of a National Sovereignty.


This is the independence of a given place or country with marked borders, boundaries and territories with an enforceable authority.

The National Sovereignty of a Nation or country should be protected by a constituted law and a practical armed forces.

Respect for the National Sovereignty should be visible and not distorted.

Alliances and cordial relations with other sovereign government should be created and empowered to enable the accomplishment of a stable National Sovereignty.

The Co-operation of the Individuals and Nation State would bring about a sustainable National Sovereignty.■

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