2022 Independence Day of The Sovereign State Of Biafra

<SUNBIGHT>~Editorial~Orie~1st October 2022 | 19:28 WAT

For The Commemoration Of The One-Year Anniversary Of The Re-declaration & Independence Of The Sovereign State Of Biafra


By Chima Onyekachi


On the 30th October 2021, the Re-declaration and the Re-hoisting of the Independence Flag of the Sovereign State of  Biafra was raised high by the RSM Ezeh Samuel Agwọ Tụrụ Mbe EkeneChukwu, signalling the rebirth of the nation.


I was a witness to that remarkable ceremony that was heralded with the Biafran National Anthem and a parade commanded by the General Commanding Officer of BNG, General Innocent. N. Orji.


For those who do not want to understand the effect of that Historic Ceremony it would seem like a fiasco to them.


As for the discerning minds, it is a reflection of the Biafran Peoples Right to Self-determination.


According to the Biafra Charter Article 5.C.1 – “The IDENTITY of each individual is traceable through the mechanism and family of Human species, the large Family or Circle of the Universe, to an ultimate Original Principle which may be Personified  or Personalized in a manner that affords the most meaning to the individual.


The Biafra Charter also in Article 5.2[A] confirms that “RIGHTS is the Basic and Original Rights [Fundamental Rights] of an Individual are not Earned and not Assigned  but NATURALLY accrue to the individual by virtue of the fact of the individual’s identity as recognised above whence such rights derive.”

“The Charter shall not allow or respect any arrogation resulting in the deliberate or calculated curbing or denial of such Rights.”


I wondered what about when General ChukwuEmeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declared the Biafra First Republic in 1967 and it stood the test of time, never reoccupied by the Nigerian State.

Surely, there would have been a clear fact that the nation of Biafra is built on ingenuity, resilience, spirituality and talents.


The forced union or amalgamation of southern and northern Protectorate to form Nigeria has resulted in the marginalization, underdevelopment and ethnic bigoism specifically against Indigenous Biafrans.


The Right to Self-determination as convenant by international law and instrument has being triggered by the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration [BSMCA] of the Biafran National Guard-BNG.


In essence, the people of Biafra ought to allowed their Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms without Restraint or Distortion  in expression of those Rights.


The Right to Self-determination and the Right to Self-defence are NATURALLY accrued to the Peoples of Biafra and should respected by the Nigerian State and diplomatic corps.


The Biafran National Guard of the Biafran Army, Biafran Air-Force, Biafran Navy and Biafran Detective Force is mandated to protect and defend the people of Biafran, properties, borders and territories from any form of internal and external aggressions.


The developmental strategy of the Biafran Nation should begin to be implemented so as to showcase the ability of Indigenous Biafrans to self- governance.


At least, in the next seven years the freedom, growth and development of the Sovereign State of Biafra should a case study for othe Indigenous people seeking the Rights to Self-determination and Self-defence.


I humbly call for the immediate release and acquittal of the following Prisoners of Conscience; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Benjamin Onwuka, Victor Iroha, Francis Agwu and others.■



Sisiku Ayuktabe: Happy 2022 Independence Celebration Ambazonia Republic

Comminique~Orie~1st October,2022 @ 12:08 CAT | @sunbight

WE have stood firm. We continue to walk tall and straight, even as we fight to once and for all restore the independence of our beloved nation, Ambazonia.

For more than half a century our parents before us and we until a few years ago, lived a deliberate lie in a ‘come we stay” relationship that was faking for the real deal. We know today that we cannot tell our children anything about their destinies in Cameroun that will not be a lie.

Since 1961, even as our parents ingratiated themselves to La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), all we have received in return has been shame, humiliation, insult, abuse, torture and summary executions.

The time came and we, as a people, have had to sink or to swim. We have had to cower as cowards or to fight. As is our right we chose to fight. We are fighting most valiantly. Beyond every expectations. Thank God Almighty, we are winning too.

From the onset, naysayers said we should fold and submit in subservience. They said that our enterprise to defend our families and our land, from a raging maniacal adversary, was naive and impossible. You have proven everyone of them dead wrong.

In this war, our collective wounds and sacrifices remind us of the huge price we must pay for our liberties

Freedom and Liberty everywhere, in every age and time have been gotten only by sweat, tears, blood and loss of human lives. By those few peoples brave enough to dare to be liberated and free.

The people of Ambazonia shall forever be remembered for the magnificence of courage we have endured to liberate ourselves.

Ambazonia is a reality. I join with you to celebrate today as our children shall celebrate into perpetuity every 1st October, this wonderful Independence Day.

May God continue to bless and protect you. May God Bless Ambazonia:


Almighty We are winning■

IGBO: PAD A girl initiative

<SUNBIGHT>~Akụkọ~Nkwo~25th Septemba, 2022 @ 06:97 CAT

Akụkọ sitere n’aka Chima Onyekachi

Obiọ Akpor, Ugwuocha mbipụta ọzọ nke PHILANTROPIC INITIATIVE of a Rivers State blogger “Ikwerre Boy” ka ekwuputala.

Ihe ngosi “PAD A GIRL” nke onye nta akụkọ paramilitary cum Entertainment haziri  kwesịrị ime na abalị 28th Septemba, 2022 n’ofe steeti Riverine.

PAD A GIRL INITIATIVE bụ inyere ụmụ agbọghọ nọ n’ụlọ akwụkwọ praịmarị na sekọndịrị anya maka oge ịhụ nsọ ha na njikwa ya site n’onyinye nke nsọ nsọ nsọ.

Maka nkwado/mmekọrịta, lelee akwụkwọ ozi dị n’okpuru.

PHILANTROPHY: Pad A Girl Initiative

<SUNBIGHT>~News~Nkwo~25th September, 2022 @ 04:13 CAT

Report By Chima Onyekachi

Obiọ Akpor, Ugwuocha- ANOTHER edition of the PHILANTROPIC INITIATIVE of a Rivers State based blogger “Ikwerre Boy” has been announced.

The “PAD A GIRL” gesture organised by the paramilitary cum Entertainment reporter  is scheduled to be held on the 28th September, 2022.

The PAD A GIRL INITIATIVE is to assist and orient young girls in selected primary and secondary schools about their menstrual cycle and its Management with a gift of menstruation PAD.

For sponsorship/partnership, view the flyer below.

Individual, The Nation State & National Sovereignty

<SUNBIGHT>~Columnist~Eke~22nd September, 2022 @ 22:54 CAT

By Ogbanje Ụwa Motion Olive


THIS is an elected, appointed or instituted body of Administrators in the governance of a said place inhabited by human beings.

There are heirachy and ranks that makes up the Administration or Officers in a Nation State.

The Nation State could be Military or Democratic system of government which should be beneficial to the citizens and visitors occupying such area of livelihood.

The likelihood of a total support for the Administrators is not feasible as the presence of opposition enables the checkmentation of those responsible for the implementation of the civil rights or duties and Electoral manifesto.

Ethnicity, religion, belief and sexuality should not ịnfluence the choice or heirachy order of the Nation State.

Appointments or Election of Administrators should be base on capabilities and developmental mindset of the individual or candidate in order to achieve sustainable growth.

A civilised society should provide a channel of communication for the citizens to be able to make suggestions and choice in a specific cause.


An Individual is a physical human being whom can be referred to as a person in a place or a community.

An Individual could be an indigene ọr an alien in a given society enjoying an approved Human Rights and fundamental freedom.

The Wellbeing of an Individual must be prioritized by the Nation State to maintain peace and stability.
A society ịn disarray would produce unruly individuals.

Without a group of individuals, there would be no Nation State in the achievement of a National Sovereignty.


This is the independence of a given place or country with marked borders, boundaries and territories with an enforceable authority.

The National Sovereignty of a Nation or country should be protected by a constituted law and a practical armed forces.

Respect for the National Sovereignty should be visible and not distorted.

Alliances and cordial relations with other sovereign government should be created and empowered to enable the accomplishment of a stable National Sovereignty.

The Co-operation of the Individuals and Nation State would bring about a sustainable National Sovereignty.■

BNG: Letter Of Sovereign Notice

<SUNBIGHT>~Commique~Nkwo~21st September, 2022 @ 11:28 CAT

BEFORE the death of our late esteemed commander in-chief, General Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, he handed over a military mandate to a brooding army in 2007. I, General Innocent Orji duly ranked by late Ojukwu is the recipient of that mandate. It’s upon that mandate that I write this letter to this assembly of nations.


Countless letters have been written without acknowledgments, but we are not giving up, even though we have decided to stick with this ‘formality’ of letter writing. We now write for posterity because history will not forgive us if we fail to ask pertinent questions today. We write not to plead, but for history to be kind to us that we spoke out.

As the military leader of Biafra and in compliance with our roadmap to Biafra, in 2007, we launched a Shadow Government. The consequences of the Shadow Government forced me into prison for ten years and in 2019, we officially launched Transitional Government. Finally, on October 30th 2021, we launched our Provincial Government. By virtue of the declared Provincial Government, we have prospectively become a sovereign government. By this letter, we intend to be effective sovereign government.

Therefore, this letter is the final notice to all parties of interest, to be updated that 30th October 2022 is the anniversary of our declared Provincial Government and the one-year window of in-activeness is for the occupying Nigerian government to withdraw or diplomatically leave for our inevitable self-rule. They did not withdraw, and it is crucial we put all parties of interest on notice that we shall effect the Provincial Government we declared.

Our action is in line with articles of 2007 UN charter on the rights of indigenous people. Instead, the occupying government has meted force on us. Forced us into disappearance. Illegally unleashed soldiers on our civilians, and sustained illegal and inhuman military operation to foster the genocide of 1967. We are human beings and shall exercise our rights to a coordinated self-defense. That right shall duly start with amnesty to all Biafra prisoners of conscience in Nigerian prisons.

Finally, knowing that during Buhari’s address to the assembly, he would hide or twist facts, but pertinent questions should be asked behind the scene. Questions are important because Biafra National Guard shall duly enforce the rights of the people to self-determination and this letter is a prior notice. We shall engage and hope to enjoy the full rights derived from the 2007 UN resolution on the rights of indigenous people.

 Yours Sincerely,

General Innocent .N. Orji ■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

Autosuffisance économique, autonomie militaire et politique étrangère indépendante

Par Ọnwụwa Anyanwụ Ọdịda Anyanwụ

<SUNBIGHT>~Chroniqueur~Afọ~8 septembre 2022 à 22h25 CAT

Autosuffisance économique, autonomie militaire et politique étrangère indépendante

L’AUTOSUFFISANCE ÉCONOMIQUE est l’administration indépendante des ressources ou des finances d’une communauté ou d’un système.

C’est aussi la capacité de gérer efficacement l’économie, les réglementations générales et la disposition des affaires d’un État ou d’une nation.

L’Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques [OCDE] définit l’autosuffisance comme “l’étendue de la participation à l’économie et à la société et la capacité des individus à se débrouiller seuls dans la vie quotidienne”.

C’est l’effort ou la mesure dans laquelle les individus sont capables de subvenir à leurs besoins sans aide extérieure.

Pour qu’une économie soit autosuffisante, le processus devrait commencer par l’indigénisation et la privatisation des industries, des secteurs et des entreprises parapubliques et également moins de prêts étrangers.

La croissance économique d’un État ou d’une nation doit être basée sur la fabrication et l’exportation afin de fournir un développement durable.

Pour améliorer la stabilité d’un taux de change, il est nécessaire d’avoir une économie relativement immuable par rapport à la dette extérieure.

Il est primordial que le bien-être de la main-d’œuvre soit pris en compte pour l’amélioration de l’autosuffisance économique.

Des lignes directrices, des règles et des règlements doivent être mis en place pour soutenir une économie autosuffisante qui pourrait être basée sur l’entrepreneuriat, les petites entreprises et la vente au détail.

Il faudrait moins compter sur le gouvernement et davantage d’efforts sur les entreprises et les industries privées comme moyen de lutter contre la pauvreté et de décourager la dépendance à l’aide sociale.

L’AUTONOMIE MILITAIRE pourrait être décrite comme la capacité des forces armées d’un État ou d’une Nation à s’appuyer sur ses capacités et à gérer ses affaires de manière indépendante.

L’autonomie militaire favoriserait la croissance des industries de l’armement dans une société et réduirait également la dépendance à l’importation d’armes.

En outre, cela favoriserait le développement des armes indigènes, améliorerait le savoir-faire technique, créerait des emplois, augmenterait les revenus en devises et l’épargne.

LA POLITIQUE ÉTRANGÈRE désigne les objectifs généraux ou gouvernementaux guidant les activités et les relations d’un État dans son interaction avec d’autres États et organisations internationales.

Une politique étrangère indépendante est un comportement, des politiques ou des plans non influencés pour l’avancement des affaires ou considérations intérieures.

Les outils de toute politique étrangère donnée sont la diplomatie qui influence ou décourage la guerre, les alliances et le commerce international.

La diplomatie est une méthode établie pour influencer les décisions et le comportement des gouvernements et des peuples étrangers par le dialogue, la négociation et d’autres mesures autres que la guerre ou la violence.

Une politique étrangère indépendante doit être fondée sur la préservation de la paix, le renforcement de la sécurité internationale, la promotion de la coopération internationale, le développement et la consolidation de la démocratie, l’État de droit et le respect des droits de l’homme et des libertés fondamentales.■

Economic Self-Sufficiency, Military Self-Reliance & Independent Foreign Policy

By Ọnwụwa Anyanwụ Ọdịda Anyanwụ

<SUNBIGHT>~Columnist~Afọ~8th September, 2022 @ 22:25 CAT

Economic Self-Sufficiency, Military Self-Reliance & Independent Foreign Policy

ECONOMIC SELF-SUFFICIENCY is the independent Administration of the resources or finances of a community or system.

It also the ability to effectively manage the economy, General regulations and disposition of the affairs of a state or nation.

The Organization For Economic Co-operation & Development [OECD] defines Self-sufficiency as the “extent of participation in the economy and society and how well individuals are able to get through daily life on their own.”

It is the effort or extent to which individuals are able to provide for themselves without external aid.

For an economy to be self-sufficient, the process should begin with Indigenization and Privatization of the Industries, Sectors and Parastatals and also less foreign loan.

The Economic growth in a State or Nation should be based on Manufacturing and Exportation so as to provide a Sustainable Development.

To enhance the stability of a Currency exchange rate, there is need for a relative unchanging economy as against foreign debt.

It is utmost for the welfare of the labour force to be considered for the betterment of Economic self-sufficiency.

Guidelines, Rules and Regulations should be effected to sustain a self-sufficient economy which could be based on Enterprenuership, Small-scale  businesses and Retail.

There should be less reliance on the government and more efforts placed on private businesses and industries as a means to addressing poverty and discouraging welfare dependency.

MILITARY SELF-RELIANCE could be described as the capacity of the armed forces of a State or Nation to rely on its capabilities and to manage its affairs independently.

Military Self-Reliance would promote the growth of the weapons Industries in a society and also reduce reliance on importation of weapons.

Moreover, it would promote the indigenous weapons Development, enhancing technical knowhow, provide jobs, increasing foreign exchange earning and savings.

FOREIGN POLICY is the General or Government objectives guiding the activities and relationships of one State in its interaction with other States and international organization.

An Independent Foreign Policy is an uninfluenced behaviour, policies or plans for the advancement of domestic affairs or consideration.

The tools of any given Foreign Policy is Diplomacy which influences or deters War, Alliances and International Trade.

Diplomacy is an established method of influencing the decisions and behaviour of Foreign government and people through dialogue, negotiation and other measures short of war or violence.

An Independent Foreign Policy should be based on Preservation of peace, Strengthening international security, Promotion of international Co-operation, Development and consolidation of democracy, the Rule of Law and Respect for Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms.■

Right To Life: Unlawful Killings

By Ekechi Nne Àtùpà EkeneChukwu Creed

<SUNBIGHT>~Column~Orie~7th September, 2022 @ 13:25 CAT

Right To Life: Unlawful Killings

Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Onitsha THE International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights proclaimed in Article 6 “Every Human Being has the inherent right to life. This Right shall be protected by Law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.”

Also, the African Charter on Human & Peoples’ Rights adopted in Article 4 “Human Beings are invioable. Every Human Being shall be entitled to respect for his life and the integrity of his person. No one may be arbitrarily deprived of this right.”

LIFE could simply be defined as the state of being alive and living.

UNLAWFUL KILLINGS is referred to as when a Human Being has been killed by one or more unknown persons.

That is a killing that is done without Lawful excuse and in breach of criminal law.

These could be murder, manslaughter, homicide or intentional accident.

According to International Human Rights watchdog, Amnesty International in its publicised document – “Since August 2015, the security forces have killed atleast 150 murder and supporters of the pro-Biafran organisations – IPOB, and injured hundreds during non-violent meetings, marches and other gatherings. Hundreds were also arbitrarily arrested.”

The 1999 Nigerian Constitution as amended stipulates in Section 33(1) “Every Person has a Right to Life, and nọ one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save in execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria.”

The use of live ammunition must be prohibited in dispersing peaceful gatherings or demonstration in the Society.

The Definition of a Human Being according to the Igbo language is “MMA NDU” translated as “The Beauty of Life.”

In the Igbo culture and tradition, the Human Life is sacred and should not be arbitrarily killed unjustly.

The abolishment of the death penalty against Human Being has taken effect in most countries signifing the sacredness of Life.

The Life of a Human Being should be protected spiritually and physically not withstanding the circumstances.

The priority of the Security agencies in any community should be the protection of the lives of the denizens, even in the event of a confrontation especially on unarmed or defenceless people.

The government of a country or nation must endeavour to protect the Lives of the peoples.

Laws should be enacted and put into practise against unlawful killings in every provinces.

The Human Life should be sacrosanct in an event of a crime and last resort in a judicial process.

The implementation of the Basic Human Rights and Fundamental freedom of a Person should be the first step in the protection of his life.■

ENLIGHTENMENT: September Blues 4

By Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko

<SUNBIGHT>~Enlightenment~Eke~6th September, 2022 @ 10:46 CAT

Season four

Enugu, Enugu – MANY members of the Igbo political class are yet to come to terms with the new reality: That the format that sustained their relevance, over the years, has suddenly become obsolete, with the huge awareness and consciousness amongst the younger generation Ndigbo.
They simply have to reset, not refresh nor reboot their operating app, but total resetting.

Tragedy is, many of them, are still unaware that times have changed so drastically, that the old format has become incompatible and therefore inoperative with the present situation.

Many are still living in the past.

It used to be, first make the big bucks by any means, then get introduced to General Hassan, Brigadier Ali, or Alhaji Aliyu.
Hustle up to IBB, OBJ, and other former heads of state, pledge loyalty to all the influential leaders from other parts of the country, seek friendship with the DGs of all the Security and Intelligence agencies, get to know the IG, service chiefs and some Northern traditional rulers and you are good to go.

They are the owners of Nigeria, your duty is to cosy up to them and become their favourite Igbo politician.

Next you bribe your way up the party ladder, seek the approval and support of the important political leaders, and that’s it.

The masses are completely unimportant in the equation, the youths are only good enough to be used as party thugs. The interested women, will be coopted as cheers leaders. And the game is set.

As long as the powerful party leaders are in your pocket, you bulldoze your way through the primaries and the election proper, and boom, you have emerged as one of the eternal leaders of Ndigbo.

The real desires of the Igbo civil servants, traders, students, farmers, businessmen, artisans and the general public are unimportant in the equation.

They are forced by circumstances, to become permanent onlookers and spectators, except for those amongst them, who choose to become “otinkpu”, in order to survive. Those ones become active members of political structures of Chief A, B,Or C., just to feed their children.
And the beat goes on.

For instance, between 1999 to 2015, for sixteen years, a green coloured building in Wuse called WADATA HOUSE, decided Igbo Senators, Representatives and Igbo Governors.

Strange but true.

Men and women of integrity would campaign all over the communities, present their agenda for seeking political office to the public, involve their professional colleagues, clerics, traditional rulers, organisations and opinion leaders.

They will earn and win the support of the people, but suddenly, WADATA HOUSE, will send a few party men from Abuja, to supervise another renegade primary in another hotel somewhere.

At the end of the day, the secret primaries held by the favourite of WADATA HOUSE will be accepted and approved, while the authentic primary is cancelled.

WADATA HOUSE has just picked your Senator for you. You have no choice and you have no stake in the matter.

Judges at the election petition tribunals, also decide your leaders for you. The people’s choice or decision, doesn’t matter at all. And you can’t do anything about that.

Over time, a vicious predatory political class emerged over our people.

All they had to do was master the game and they emerged as leaders, period.
Amongst them, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The leadership recruitment process, allows compradors and carpet baggers to manipulate their friendship and loyalty to certain external forces, and parade as pretenders.


These politicians who are always too willing to trade away collective group interest, for self advancement, by far outnumber the ones amongst them, with conscience. And that is the stark reality why millions of ordinary people dream of freedom from the horrific condition we all are in.

The big boys actually see nothing wrong with the game they have been playing since 1999 with the future and destiny of the people.

They trust and depend fully on their reliable format that hasn’t failed them yet.

The belief that power resides in a political region, up North and to be accepted and approved by the owners of Nigeria, remain the key to political relevance down here. All you have to do is remain compliant to the unwritten and undiscussed wishes of the master.

Maybe fool your people that you truly care for them by glibly mouthing all the things you know they’d like to hear, and of course do “sarka” once in a while, giving out grinding machines, motor bikes, Keke Napeps, sewing machines etc.

Look no further wondering why the agitation overwhelmed them.They didn’t know how to handle it. Don’t blame them. It was beyond their scope.

The Igbo question isn’t something they are interested in. Resolving it, won’t profit him personally.

He hardly thinks about it. His worry is just to remain relevant in the system and maybe move up the ladder.

Risking his political career articulating lasting solution to the Igbo question, is unattractive to him. Moreover he will be offending the owners of Nigeria, who he is eternally afraid could mark him out and that’s it.

Next time you are wondering why the masses of my region, including those who do not fully agree with the modus operandi of the agitators, are all sitting at home every Monday, know it that they are sending a message to the political class.

Until the region’s political leaders realize what time it is, that it is time to act urgently by driving the reconstruction of the polity and enthroning without delay, true federalism and devolution of power, they may still remain in their separate world far away from the people they claim to lead.

There’s only one way to reconnect to the people: Find out where it hurts them and address it.

The people are enlightened enough to know that times have changed. The old format of ignoring their issues and achieving relevance by licking the boots of external power brokers, have long expired.

The obstinate ones will discover rather shockingly that times have truly changed. The people are awake and they are angry.