IGBO: PAD A girl initiative

<SUNBIGHT>~Akụkọ~Nkwo~25th Septemba, 2022 @ 06:97 CAT

Akụkọ sitere n’aka Chima Onyekachi

Obiọ Akpor, Ugwuocha mbipụta ọzọ nke PHILANTROPIC INITIATIVE of a Rivers State blogger “Ikwerre Boy” ka ekwuputala.

Ihe ngosi “PAD A GIRL” nke onye nta akụkọ paramilitary cum Entertainment haziri  kwesịrị ime na abalị 28th Septemba, 2022 n’ofe steeti Riverine.

PAD A GIRL INITIATIVE bụ inyere ụmụ agbọghọ nọ n’ụlọ akwụkwọ praịmarị na sekọndịrị anya maka oge ịhụ nsọ ha na njikwa ya site n’onyinye nke nsọ nsọ nsọ.

Maka nkwado/mmekọrịta, lelee akwụkwọ ozi dị n’okpuru.

‘Keke’ Operators Protest In Amawbia

Report By Wolf Saint

<SUNBIGHT>~Reportage~Orie~23rd September, 2022 @ 13:59 CAT

Amawbia, Awka – OPERATORS of Tricycle popularly known as ‘Keke Riders’ are protesting against the ₦15,000 monthly levy imposed By the Chukwuma Soludo led Anambra State Government.

The civil demonstration has led to a deadlock of vehicular movement along the Nibo-Amawbia road situating the Governor’s Lodge.

Information available to SUNBIGHT MEDIA revealed that it is the second day of protest which has caused difficulties to citizens commuting through that area.■

Individual, The Nation State & National Sovereignty

<SUNBIGHT>~Columnist~Eke~22nd September, 2022 @ 22:54 CAT

By Ogbanje Ụwa Motion Olive


THIS is an elected, appointed or instituted body of Administrators in the governance of a said place inhabited by human beings.

There are heirachy and ranks that makes up the Administration or Officers in a Nation State.

The Nation State could be Military or Democratic system of government which should be beneficial to the citizens and visitors occupying such area of livelihood.

The likelihood of a total support for the Administrators is not feasible as the presence of opposition enables the checkmentation of those responsible for the implementation of the civil rights or duties and Electoral manifesto.

Ethnicity, religion, belief and sexuality should not ịnfluence the choice or heirachy order of the Nation State.

Appointments or Election of Administrators should be base on capabilities and developmental mindset of the individual or candidate in order to achieve sustainable growth.

A civilised society should provide a channel of communication for the citizens to be able to make suggestions and choice in a specific cause.


An Individual is a physical human being whom can be referred to as a person in a place or a community.

An Individual could be an indigene ọr an alien in a given society enjoying an approved Human Rights and fundamental freedom.

The Wellbeing of an Individual must be prioritized by the Nation State to maintain peace and stability.
A society ịn disarray would produce unruly individuals.

Without a group of individuals, there would be no Nation State in the achievement of a National Sovereignty.


This is the independence of a given place or country with marked borders, boundaries and territories with an enforceable authority.

The National Sovereignty of a Nation or country should be protected by a constituted law and a practical armed forces.

Respect for the National Sovereignty should be visible and not distorted.

Alliances and cordial relations with other sovereign government should be created and empowered to enable the accomplishment of a stable National Sovereignty.

The Co-operation of the Individuals and Nation State would bring about a sustainable National Sovereignty.■


<SUNBIGHT>~Commique~Nkwo~21st September, 2022 @ 11:28 CAT


BEFORE the death of our late esteemed commander in-chief, General Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, he handed over a military mandate to a brooding army in 2007. I, General Innocent Orji duly ranked by late Ojukwu is the recipient of that mandate. It’s upon that mandate that I write this letter to this assembly of nations.

Countless letters have been written without acknowledgments, but we are not giving up, even though we have decided to stick with this ‘formality’ of letter writing. We now write for posterity because history will not forgive us if we fail to ask pertinent questions today. We write not to plead, but for history to be kind to us that we spoke out.

As the military leader of Biafra and in compliance with our roadmap to Biafra, in 2007, we launched a Shadow Government. The consequences of the Shadow Government forced me into prison for ten years and in 2019, we officially launched Transitional Government. Finally, on October 30th 2021, we launched our Provincial Government. By virtue of the declared Provincial Government, we have prospectively become a sovereign government. By this letter, we intend to be effective sovereign government.

Therefore, this letter is the final notice to all parties of interest, to be updated that 30th October 2022 is the anniversary of our declared Provincial Government and the one-year window of in-activeness is for the occupying Nigerian government to withdraw or diplomatically leave for our inevitable self-rule. They did not withdraw, and it is crucial we put all parties of interest on notice that we shall effect the Provincial Government we declared.

Our action is in line with articles of 2007 UN charter on the rights of indigenous people. Instead, the occupying government has meted force on us. Forced us into disappearance. Illegally unleashed soldiers on our civilians, and sustained illegal and inhuman military operation to foster the genocide of 1967. We are human beings and shall exercise our rights to a coordinated self-defense. That right shall duly start with amnesty to all Biafra prisoners of conscience in Nigerian prisons.

Finally, knowing that during Buhari’s address to the assembly, he would hide or twist facts, but pertinent questions should be asked behind the scene. Questions are important because Biafra National Guard shall duly enforce the rights of the people to self-determination and this letter is a prior notice. We shall engage and hope to enjoy the full rights derived from the 2007 UN resolution on the rights of indigenous people.

 Yours Sincerely,

General Innocent .N. Orji ■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

ACHA ANCIENT KINGDOM: A Kingdom Without Power Supply Since Time Immemorial

By Chima Onyekachi

<SUNBIGHT>~Opinion~Eke~29th August,2022

There is a community located in the heartland of the Eastern region of Nigeria; a rural settlement that welcomes strangers to their place of birth without rancor.

A glance at the natural community, there are evidences or a clear show of an existence of electricity.

You may be marvelled at the sight of electricity Poles, Wires, Cables and also Transmitting Transformers.

But in reality, there have never been any form or display of public electricity supply in the community since the independence of Nigeria on the 1st of October, 1960.

Sixty-Two years after the exit of the British colonial masters from the shores of the Eastern Region in Nigeria, this endearing community is yet to catch a glimpse of electricity for an hour.

This may seem like an epic Nollywood movie of a Kingdom whose lost Prince returned Home without any idea or feeling about his Royal status in his Ancestral place of Birth.

It is a reality that there is a place of livelihood in this Modern time located at ISUIKWUATO in Abia State of Nigeria that is suffering such gross abuse of Human Rights to basic infrastructure as enshrined in International Charters and Conventions.

Goal 9 of the United Nations Sustainable Development goal promulgated as thus “Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrilization and foster innovation.”

The Electrification of any given place would enable an energetic and adaptable economic forces that would bring about employment and income.

The growth and development of any given society begin with the stable supply of electricity.

Electrification of a community would establish the industrialization and the improvement of skills and talents relating to Technology, Agriculture, Science, Education, etc.

In ACHA ANCIENT KINGDOM, there are Modern and Sophisticated houses but there is no power supply except via personally owned diesel or petrol powered generating set.

This lack of electricity in ACHA ANCIENT KINGDOM brought about the abandonment of a newly built- Rice Processing Plant located in AGBAMA area of the locality.

It is quite shocking that this Ancient Kingdom has a sitting traditional ruler known as ERUM 2 in charge for over seven (7) years.

The curious questions constantly asked by the indigenes and visitors of ACHA ANCIENT KINGDOM are as thus:

  1. How much did ERUM 2 of ACHA ANCIENT KINGDOM receive as allocation from the Abia State Government from January 2019 to December 2021?
  2. How much is required for the Electrification of ACHA ANCIENT KINGDOM?
  3. Why is Power Supply not obtainable in ACHA ANCIENT KINGDOM since Nigeria Independence on 1st October, 1960?■

OPINION: If Kuje Prisons Were To Be Onitsha Prisons?

<SUNBIGHT>~Opinion~Nkwo~15th July, 2022 @ 22:17 WAT

Biafra, Central Africa – THE Kuje Correctional Centre or Kuje Prisons was attacked last week by the dreaded BokoHaram terrorists sect. The attack lasted for over two hours and saw the release of over sixty-four(64) of their members.

Till date, nobody has been arrested or on trial for such criminal attack on a government secured facility.

The only prison ị have visited in my life is the Onitsha Correctional Centre located at Marine, close to Akpaka Residential Estate in Anambra  state.

I did not visit the prison as  an inmate but to have a press chat with an important pro-Biafran activist in person of General Innocent Orji of the Biafran National Guard-BNG.

When I read the news of the attack on the Kuje Prisons, ị couldn’t but be astonished at such brazen attack. Startled, reminiscing at the walls of the Onitsha Prisons, ị marvelled if that of Kuje Prisons was not as high or strong as the former.

The fence and walls of the Onitsha Prison ị visited is highly fortified and would not be easily penetrated.

Meanwhile, the video of the attack which was released by the BokoHaram terrorists revealed that highly volatile explosives were used to destroy the fence and walls of the Kuje Prisons.

From my personal experience, it is a herculean task to gain entrance to the prison even as a visitor as ị went through a whole lot of scrutiny via questions and body search before ị was allowed to enter.

This simply means that the attack on the Kuje Prisons was well-planned and executed with inputs from a source within the prison.

And i wondered, what if the same attack had occured at the Onitsha Correctional Centre or Onitsha Prisons?
I bet President Muhammadu Buhari would never have visited like he did to the Kuje Prison.

The residents of Akpaka Residential Estate would have been humilated and their fundamental freedom violated by the Nigerian security forces.

A dusk to dawn curfew might be declared by Governor Chukwuma Soludo.

The Onitsha Main Market which is not too far from the prison would have had a heavy security presence to frustrate and frighten the traders and customers.

The Marine area of the prison will have a permanent military facility or barrack.

Definitely, there will be extra-judicial mass arrest and murder of innocent youths and then a forced confession covered by the press claiming responsibility for the attack on the prison.

In essence, none of the above had occurred in Kuje but the Nigerian government is quick to take drastic action to intimidate the people of old eastern Nigeria (Indigenous Biafrans) wherever there is a fracas against a Federal facility or personnel but will be ignorant of decisive actions when such occurs in the Northern region of Nigeria.■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

Open Letter To Her Britannic Majesty, Queen Of England, Queen Elizabeth II


<SUNBIGHT>~Opinion~Eke~8th July,2022 @ 06:36 WAT

I read Akanu Ibiam’s letter to Your Majesty, written during the Biafran Genocide of 1967-70. So I decided to write my own letter openly to you, fifty-two years after my beloved hero of blessed memory wrote to you.

Akanu Ibiam is dead but you are still living and ị strongly believe at your ripened age of ninety-six years, you should be wise, knowledgeable and more discerning than you are fifty-two years ago.

Watching the silver jubilee anniversary of your monarchy, ị couldn’t but admire your children, grandchildren and other relatives at the balcony of your palace.

But when I came to the realization that you sat on the Britannic throne fifty-two years when my Ancestors- Indigenous Biafrans were massacred, ị became filled with grief and anger.

What is a Genocide? I will define a genocide as an extermination purposely perpetrated against a people because of their religion, ethnicity, race, belief or skin colour.

The Biafran Genocide saw the killing of over two million people by starvation, bullets, bombs and organised massacre by the Nigeria Army led by Yakubu Gowon.

Fifty-two years later, no one has been tried or convicted for murder, genocide or war crimes, which has approved the signal that Biafrans can be killed or their fundamental human right violated with impunity for the simple act of participating in a civil demonstration seeking to garner attention to their right to self-determination.

President Muhammadu Buhari, an active participant in the Biafran Genocide is always quick to remind the younger generation of Biafrans about the bitter experience of their older generation and his readiness to repeat the same crime against humanity.

The Nigeria Government is yet to recognise the wanton massacre against the people of Biafra as a genocide but rather chose to describe their heinous actions as “squashing a rebellious side.”

I beg to ask, is bombing crowded market places filled with women and children part of squashing a rebellious side or an act to exterminate a particular people?

Still in my grief and anger, ị couldn’t even wish Your Majesty the same act of crime against humanity.

But if I could be excused, how will you feel if the Scottish people began to destroy and kill every member of your beloved family and citizens?

Of course, Your Majesty may end up suffering a heart attack due to the tension and stress of such news.

You may not be able to reason such wicked acts against your own people because of the high calibre of intelligence accrued to the British security forces  but Your Majesty kept silent when innocent and defenseless Biafrans were destroyed to fuel the development of your country and Monarchy via the looting of crude oil from the coastal part of Biafra.

I must surely forgive you because fifty-two years ago, you must be younger and naive as a Queen on the Britannic throne.

I want Your Majesty to prove to your family and citizens that a deadly mistake done once must not be repeated, by publicly acknowledging that a genocide was perpetrated against my Ancestors – Indigenous Biafrans from 1967-70.

Your Majesty may be concerned if I want her  support for the recognition of our right to self-determination. Yes! I do want it and I do not want it. Why? Because with your support or not, the people of Biafra will again strive for the independence state of Biafra.

Demanding for your recognition of the Biafran Genocide is only for your soul to be able to find rest in the bosom of your God when you eventually make your demise just like my Ancestors.■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

OPINION: The Mistakes Of Harold Wilson Must Not Be Repeated


<SUNBIGHT>~Opinion~Nkwo~7th July, 2022 @ 22:47 WAT

I was never born during the reign of former British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, and ị may never have heard of him if not for the fact that he fought hard and in absolute support of Nigeria against the Peoples of Biafra in the Biafran Genocide of 1967-70.

Late Harold Wilson would have had his name on a platter of gold in Biafraland but he is in the wastebin of history for his active participation in the destruction  of a race known for ingenuity, enterprise and spirituality.

The images ị have seen of Harold Wilson has always been of a man smoking a tobacco pípe. I would have accused his state of chimney smoking for his lack of wisdom and understanding but I have seen several chain smokers whom are wise and discerning in spirit.

From researches, ị learnt the British Government of Harold Wilson, rejected the independence of the Sovereign State of Biafra because it was not going to survive as an independent State. Such absurdity from a learned fellow!

The fact is that Harold Wilson and the British Monarchy were feeding fat on the crude oil been shipped from the coastal part of Biafra to their country. They felt the independence of Biafra shall cause the cessation of the wanton looting of the natural resources and in turn the development of Britain.

That reason for the rejection of Biafra is an absolute fallacy from a crooked colonial masters who felt the independence of Biafra will unravel the atrocities and theft against the people of Biafra.

The British Government understood they could easily deceive the Northen-Muslims than the Eastern-Christains in Nigeria.

I was not present with General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and Major General Philip Effiong but I know their desperation for the freedom of their people will never stop them from giving the British Government access to the crude oil in the coastal region of Biafra.

An act of desperation to hide several eras of pilliage of the enterprise named Nigeria forced the British Government of Harold Wilson to cajole Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria into reneging on the Aburi Accord negotiated and agreed upon in Aburi, Ghana in January 1967.

Without regard on which side was the aggressor and the aggrieved, the British Government of Harold Wilson chose genocide instead of the birth of a new nation which they would never be disappointed.

Historically, before the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorate; earlier in 1897 in an article written in The Times of January that year, Flora Shaw, mistress to Frederick Lugard, had derived the name Nigeria from the words Niger (from River Niger) and Area.

In essence, only the Southern Protectorate occupied mostly by Biafrans and Yorubas was referred as Nigeria and the name was retained after the amalgamation in 1914 to form a country.

The old Eastern region of Nigeria referred as Biafra has always being used for crude oil pillage as the British oil firm called Royal Niger Company was introduced to siphon crude oil from the enterprise named Nigeria.

The amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorate to form a country called Nigeria is an act of selfishness and disregard for the black race.

Since the forced union, Nigeria has been bedevilled by several crises caused by ethnicity and religion. The country has been in division by endemic tension caused specifically by the Muslims in the Northern region claim to the right to Federal power is solely theirs as instructed by the British colony.

Not forgetting, that the Northern leaders rejected self-government of Nigeria hence the delay until March 1959, a year and six months before Nigeria was to be granted independence in 1960.

Which is to say that it was the Southern leaders notably from the old Eastern region, that vigorously demanded for the independence of Nigeria.

So at what level of reasoning did the British Government of Harold Wilson come to the conclusion that the people of Biafra would not be able to survive as an independent State?

Notwithstanding the total blockade and intolerable war conditions, the People of Biafra in two years mined crude oil and refined petroleum in locally fabricated refineries.

But for over twenty years, all of the state-of-the-art refineries owned by the Nigeria Government is in comatose.

I want to expressly persuade and also warn the present crop of British diplomats and Monarchy to rethink their thoughts and reasoning towards the right to self-determination of the people of Biafra.

It is simple! If the Scottish people in Great Britain can be civilly allowed a referendum several times. Why can’t Biafrans in Nigeria be given such human right for once?

The Government of Biafra and her people even fabricated their own weaponry which included rockets, missiles and bombs at the time when only few countries in the globe could fathom such inventions.

Not forgetting, the redesigning of passenger airplane to fighter jet, manufacturing armoured cars and tanks by Biafran engineers and scientists. ■

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

OPINION: In Ahịara I Stand

By Chima Onyekachi

<SUNBIGHT>~Opinion~Afo~6th July,2022 @ 21:46 WAT

“Our struggle is not a mere resistance – that would be purely negative. It is a positive commitment to build a healthy, dynamic and progressive state, such as would be the pride of black men the world over.” – The Ahiara Declaration by the Government of Biafra, 1st June, 1969.

The above statement declared by the government of Biafra still rings in my heart today.

Why is it too hard for the Nigerian government to understand that oil and water can never be successfully mixed together?

Why is the right to self-determination being denied Indigenous Biafrans even after the Biafran Genocide of 1967-70?

There are numerous reasons Indigenous Biafrans wants to have an independent State of Biafra but the Nigerian government rigidly and selfishly wants the forced union to continue simply because of the “protection of territorial integrity.”

In disguise, “territorial integrity” is the parasitic attitude towards the natural resources and economic revenue gained from the region and people of Biafra.

On the 20th December, 1999, Late Ransome-Kuti said “Our collective experience since 1960 leaves no one in any doubt that the decision to secede by the Igbo was proper and correct. You cannot kill tens of thousands of people, take over the government with arms and expect them to stay around like sitting ducks especially after unilaterally abrogating a negotiated settlement.” [The News;pg.46]

Even after the massacre against Indigenous Biafrans which led to the genocide, the people of Biafra still relocated to other regions in Nigeria to continue their means of livelihood in the hope that the mantra of “No Victor, No Vanquished” will be made practical but it is of no avail till date.

Rather, there have been an absolute disregard for the lives and properties of Indigenous Biafrans in their homeland and outside their homestead.

What are the justifiable reasons Indigenous Biafrans are extra judicially killed and imprisoned for participating in a civil and peaceful demonstration to garner attention for their right to self-determination?

Meanwhile, the BokoHaram and Fulani Herdsmen terrorists sects whom are armed are pardoned via amnesty and “RUGA” settlement so as to calm their nerves from rampantly killing defenceless and innocent citizens.

The BokoHaram and Fulani Herdsmen sects have been designated as terrorist groups by the International community through the Global Terrorism Index but the Nigerian government still denies it as impractical and unacceptable.

But same Nigerian government has through its judicial arm proscribed a civil pro-Biafran group- IPOB, as a terrorist group and also abducted IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, from Kenya to stand trial in Nigeria for the unsubstantiated charge of terrorism and his trial has purposely been stalled via unnecessary adjournments.

I am well notified about the plans of the Nigerian government on its preparation to perpetrate another genocide against the people of Biafra but let it be known that the Biafran National Guard-BNG is also preparing a close-marked defence of the people, territories and borders of Biafra.

My opinion will always seem like the Tales by Moonlight or other folktales told by our grandparents but the truth shall always stand that I sought for a peaceful dissolution of the British enterprise named Nigeria.

I have continually wept and begged for a referendum to avoid a bloodshed which will not be exclusive of Biafraland but the entire human race.

The Nigerian government must understand that the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration [BSMCA] is also building allies and shall never be lacklustre in the defence of her people.

As General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu retorted the vices against the independence of the Sovereign State of Biafra are “the three traditional scourges of the black man” which are the issues of “racism”, “white economic imperialism” and “Arab-Muslim expansionism.

After several studies and discussions, I discovered that lack of enlightenment and understanding forced the global community against the people of Biafra during the genocide.

Though these “three traditional scourges of the black man” is still a driving force against the freedom of Indigenous Biafrans but these generation of Biafrans will spiritually, culturally, morally, intellectually and physically orientiate and persuade the global community to acknowledge our right to self-determination through peace or war.

It is historically recorded that the people of Biafra sought self-defence because Nigeria first invaded and attacked Biafra on 6th July, 1967 at Garkem as predicted by the British government. After Yakubu Gowon reneged on the “Aburi Accord” negotiated in Aburi, Ghana.

Major General Philip Effiong of Biafra in his end-of-war broadcast in 1970 said “Throughout history, injured peoples have had to resort to arms in their self-defence where peaceful negotiation failed. We are no exception…We have fought in defence of that cause.”

I reiterate that Indigenous Biafrans are collectively ready to achieve our sovereignty which flag of independence was hoisted on 30th October, 2021 by the Biafran National Guard-BNG.

To the doubters, specifically those of Biafran origin, ị say this to you “Nwatakịrị tolite amaghị ifẹ́ mere nna yà, Ifè mere nna yà emee yà” translated “When a child grows up and does not care to know what happened to his father, what happened to his father will happen to him.”

Please be informed that the view and expression of the author are personal and does not represent that of SUNBIGHT MEDIA.

40 Students, Faculty Members In US Declare Igbo Ancestry

<SUNBIGHT>~USA~Orie~1st July,2022 @ 10:16 WAT~Leadership

Global, US – No fewer than 40 students and faculty members from Morehouse College Glee Club in Atlanta, United States of America, USA, have taken Igbo names.

They took the names on Wednesday and also declared their ancestry to the Igbos of Southeastern Nigeria.

During the event, the students narrated how they traced their Igbo ancestral roots through DNA tests.

Performing the ceremony, the traditional ruler of Ibagwa-Aka community in Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area of Enugu State, HRH, Igwe Hyacinth Eze, in conjunction with the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, commended the reunion of the Igbo-Americans with their ancestral brothers.

The traditional ruler stated that he was also happy because of the spiritual, cultural and economic exchanges which would happen as a result of the reunion.

He pledged that he was willing to provide lands for those that are willing to live in his community.

Also, the president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Enugu State chapter, Prof. Fredrick Eze, said the reunion would help in the development of Igbo communities.

In a remark, the public affairs officer, United States Consulate General, Lagos, Stephen Ibelli, explained that the club came to Nigeria to mark the 50th anniversary of its first visit to Nigeria in 1972.

He said the club would tour Abuja, Enugu and Lagos States to strengthen US-Nigeria cultural ties through music, arts and film.

Some of the students of the Morehouse College Glee Club described their visit as an opportunity to connect with their African roots.■