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  • 5 Signs Of A Strong Person Who Can’t Be Manipulated

    <SUNBIGHT>~Psychology~Orie~28th April 2022 @ 00:11 WAT~Power of Positivity ARE you easily manipulated? While you would like to believe that the world you live in is filled with friendly and kind folks, some ruthless people are deceptive and unscrupulous. It’s not always easy to spot these individuals as they often hide behind a smile and warm […]

  • Why You Should Wake Up Early Every Morning, According to Science

    <SUNBIGHT>~Psychology~Eke~11th April,2022 @ 01:48 WAT “Wake up early every day so that while others are dreaming, you can make your dreams come true.” – Hal Elrod WAKING up early is no easy task. Apart from those few lucky “morning people,” most individuals would probably agree they don’t like having to wake up early. And you […]

  • 20 Harmful Habits That Drive People Away (and What to Do Instead)

    <SUNBIGHT>~Psychology~Afor~24th February,2022 @ 22:18 WAT EVERYBODY has undesirable characteristics that make them unattractive, but did you know that these things can threaten your relationships? How often did you get asked out on the first date, but you never made it to the second one? Your undesirable traits may be to blame, as they can drive […]

  • Regain Control of Your Life: 15 Phrases Never to Forget

    <SUNBIGHT>~Psychology~Nkwo~9th February,2022 IF you don’t regain control of your life, it’ll always feel like other people and external circumstances control it. Regaining control of your life requires controlling your mind and regulating your thoughts. Choose to focus on things that play a massive role in how your life works out. No matter the circumstances, you […]

  • 15 Mantras to Help You Stop Negative Thinking and Overthinking

    <SUNBIGHT>~Psychology~Eke~6th February,2022. PEOPLE who overthink know how hard it is to overcome negative thinking. It’s a vicious cycle that causes more overthinking and negative thoughts about a situation. While there are many reasons for overthinking, there are also many ways to overcome it. When you want to stop negative thinking and overthinking, positive mantras can […]