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  • Queen Nanny. A warrior queen raised from Ghana, liberated Jamaicans [1680 – 1730]

    <SUNBIGHT>~History~Nkwo~13th February,2022 @ 20:37 WAT HISTORIANS have largely ignored Queen Nanny of the Windward Maroons, focusing instead on male figures in Maroon history. The Maroons, on the other hand, hold her in the highest regard. Queen Nanny’s biographical data is sketchy, with her name appearing just four times in written historical documents, and typically in […]

  • Did you know about the Igbo People of Jamaica?

    <SUNBIGHT> – Igbo people were taken in relatively high numbers to Jamaica as slaves, so it’s no surprise that there’s some Igbo language in the Jamaican Patois language. The “Red Ibo” or “Red Eboe” was used to refer to the Igbo slaves in Jamaica because of their light skin. Igbo slaves were distinguished physically by […]