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  • UN General Assembly Demands Russia Withdraw From Ukraine

    <SUNBIGHT>~Europe~Eke~2nd March 2022 @ 23:51 WAT THE UN General Assembly on Wednesday overwhelmingly adopted a resolution that “demands” Russia “immediately” withdraw from Ukraine, in a powerful rebuke of Moscow’s invasion by a vast majority of the world’s nations. After more than two days of extraordinary debate, which saw the Ukrainian ambassador accuse Russia of genocide, […]

  • Russian Billionaire, Abramovich allegedly pledges Chelsea FC proceeds to Ukrainian war victims

    <SUNBIGHT>~Europe~Eke~2nd March,2022 @ 23:25 WAT THE Blues are preparing for a change at the top of the tree as the reality of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine begins to take hold. It is no longer being denied that Roman Abramovich is preparing to sell Chelsea Football Club after the threat of sanctions forces his hand through […]

  • Putin’s pick for next Ukraine president: Who is ​​​​​​​Viktor Yanukovych?

    <SUNBIGHT>~Russia~Eke~2nd March 2022,@ 21:45 WAT REPORTS claim Putin is planning to proclaim Victor Yanukovych as Ukraine’s next president even as President Zelensky has vowed to keep fighting against Russia. Yanukovych was backed by Putin’s regime as it tried to put him back in power but it failed as he fled east from Kyiv to Kharkiv […]

  • Ukraine says it killed Chechen forces sent to assassinate Zelensky

    <SUNBIGHT>~Ukraine~Eke~2nd March,2022 @ 21:26 WAT Senior official says forces loyal to warlord Kadyrov killed outside Kyiv after plot foiled by intel from FSB agents opposed to war A group of Chechen assassins sent to kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were “eliminated” after their plot was foiled, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council […]

  • $1 million bounty on Putin offered by Russian businessman

    <SUNBIGHT>~Russia~Eke~2nd March,2022 @ 21:17 WAT THE Russian entrepreneur said the Russian president came to power by “blowing up apartment buildings in Russia.” A $1,000,000 bounty for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin was offered to military officers by Russian entrepreneur Alex Konanykhin in a post he published on social media this week, as Russia […]

  • Russia-Ukraine: Biden closes US airspace to Russian flights

    <SUNBIGHT>~Europe~Eke~2nd March,2022 @ 20:47 WAT IN his first State of the Union address, United States President Joe Biden announced closing US airspace to all Russian flights, saying that Moscow will be weaker by the end of its war against Ukraine. Addressing a joint session of Congress late on Tuesday, Biden said the US is imposing […]

  • UN admits black and brown refugees have faced racism at Ukraine borders

    <SUNBIGHT>~Europe~Eke~2nd March,2022 @ 20:31 WAT THE United Nations has admitted that some non-Europeans refugees have faced discrimination while trying to flee to safety at Ukraine borders after their experiences were dismissed as lies and “Russian disinformation” by online commentators. Filippo Grandi, the organisation’s High Commissioner for Refugees, acknowledged their plight during a press conference on […]

  • UPDATE: NATO Allies boost support to Ukraine

    <SUNBIGHT>~Europe~Orie~27th February,2022 @ 19:24 WAT NATO Allies are boosting their political and practical support to Ukraine as it continues to defend itself against Russia’s full-scale invasion. Thousands of anti-tank weapons, hundreds of air-defence missiles and thousands of small arms and ammunition stocks are being sent to Ukraine. Allies are also providing millions of euros worth […]

  • Anonymous launches attacks against Russia and pledges support for Ukraine against ‘Kremlin’s brutal invasion’

    <SUNBIGHT>~Europe~Orie~27th February,2022 @ 18:47 WAT HACKING group Anonymous has said that it will support Ukraine in its fight against Russia, and has already claimed an attack on the state-controlled TV network Russia Today. Russia launched a “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine yesterday, with explosions reported near Kharkiv, Kramatorsk, Mariupol, as well as the capital Kyiv. There […]

  • France intercepts Russia-bound cargo ship ‘Baltic Leader’ in the English Channel and ‘escorts’ it to Boulogne

    <SUNBIGHT>~Europe~Orie~27th February,2022 @ 02:26 WAT THE French navy has intercepted a Russian cargo ship in the English Channel that was bound for St Petersburg, the BBC has reported. French officials told the broadcaster the ship was intercepted according to new EU sanctions imposed on Russian entities after Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine. The […]