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  • Record Breaking – 1-Million Seater Stadium

    CIVIL ENGINEERING DISCOVERIES | Eke | 7th December, 2022 @ 06:34 CAT American designer, Paul Pfeiffer has designed a football stadium that can accommodate 1,000,000 (One million) fans. ■

  • Nnamdi Kanu Vs Federal Republic Of Nigeria

    Nnamdi Kanu Vs Federal Republic Of Nigeria

    Mrs Onyekachi Nnachi | Opinion |Nkwo| 6th December,2022 @ 10:18 CAT LETU-EDDA, Ebonyi – Whatsoever conversation relating to ‘Biafra’ cannot be said to be detailed without the mention of IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whom is on trial prosecuted by the Nigeria government of President Muhammadu Buhari. The IPOB Leader is simply a Prisoner of […]

  • Pro-Biafra Activist Murdered in Abia State

    Report By Chima Onyekachi & ỌhịaAgu Osowa <SUNBIGHT>News~Afor~5th December, 2022 | 00:34 CAT ABA, Osisioma – MR. OBINNA UKACHUKWU, a male in his early thirties and a native of Acha-Isuikwuato in Abia State was reportedly murdered at Aba Town in November 2022. According to findings by SUNBIGHT MEDIA, the deceased activist was hoodwinked via a […]

  • EDITORIAL: North Korea & Biafra; Ballistic Missiles Test-Runs

    By Chima Onyekachi <SUNBIGHT>~Editorial~Afor~23rd November, 2022 @ 17:20 CAT INTERNATIONAL news outlet WION recently reported that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea [DPRK] has test-run 40 Missiles in 20 Locations in the past 11 months of 2022, a record-breaking feat described as having “unnerved global powers.” That is, World Leaders of United States, European Union, […]

  • The Best Mathematician In the World

    <SUNBIGHT>~News~Orie~18th November, 2022 @ 19:04 CAT | AFRICAN REPORT A Cameroonian Professor, Abdon Atangana, has been voted as the second-best mathematician in the world. In the Stanford University’s Top 2% of Scientists in the World list released on Wednesday, the 37-year-old was ranked 188th in science, technology, and engineering. Atangana, a lecturer at South African […]

  • Nenyi-Ụmụeri decries Spate of Fulani Herdsmen in the Community

    Report By Chima Onyekachi <News>~Nkwo~16th November, 2022 @sunbight |15:00 CAT IFITE UMUERI – THE Indigenes of Nenyi-Ụmụ eri of Anambra East Local Government are lamenting over the influx of Fulani Herdsmen which has led to the destruction of farmlands in the community. The Ancient community bordered by Aguleri and Otuocha communities are worried that the […]

  • BNG Unveils ‘Ijere 16-Multiple Automatic Missile Launcher’

    ● Commomerates One-Year Freedom/ Anniversary Of Biafra Re-declaration ● Launches Military Operation RASTAROCO REPORT BY CHIEKE NNE ATUPA SUNBIGHT~REPORT~ỌRIE~2ND NOVEMBER, 2022 @ 05:01 CAT The Biafran National Guard-BNG In her maiden celebration of the Independence cum Freedom Day on 30th October 2022 unveiled a Sophisticated ballistic missiles Launcher code-named ‘Ijere 16-Multiple Automatic Missile Launcher’. The […]

  • 2022 Independence Day of The Sovereign State Of Biafra

    <SUNBIGHT>~Editorial~Orie~1st October 2022 | 19:28 WAT For The Commemoration Of The One-Year Anniversary Of The Re-declaration & Independence Of The Sovereign State Of Biafra   By Chima Onyekachi   On the 30th October 2021, the Re-declaration and the Re-hoisting of the Independence Flag of the Sovereign State of  Biafra was raised high by the RSM […]

  • Sisiku Ayuktabe: Happy 2022 Independence Celebration Ambazonia Republic

    Comminique~Orie~1st October,2022 @ 12:08 CAT | @sunbight WE have stood firm. We continue to walk tall and straight, even as we fight to once and for all restore the independence of our beloved nation, Ambazonia. For more than half a century our parents before us and we until a few years ago, lived a deliberate […]

  • Good Bye Queen Elizabeth II, Welcome King Charles III

    By Angel Asaga Akanu Saint <SUNBIGHT>~Column~Eke~26th September, 2022 @ 17:33 CAT OH! What a World that all Human Being must die!! Even the ‘almighty’ Britannic United Kingdom is in mourning over the death of one woman.  You say what?!  The Whole Earth is in mourning; that is all Countries and Nations of the world is […]