Written By Arodinzogu Okoye|Editorial| Orie| Saturday| 18th March 2023| 15:18 CAT

ONUIMOGlobally, in the year 2022 report of the deadliest terror group, the Indigenous People Of Biafra [IPOB] is ranked tenth (10) position.

The ranking undertaken by the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) of the Institute For Economics and Peace (IEP) recorded that the pro-Biafran civil group engaged in 57 death, 40 terror attacks and 16 injured persons.

The group whose Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is incarcerated in solitary confinement of the Nigerian Secret Security Service (DSS) has always expressed the desire for an independent State of Biafra through civil disobedience and demonstration.

Questioning, how did the pro-Biafran civil group become ranked as a terrorist group.

After the unwarranted military invasion on the ancestral home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in 2017, the South-East Governors in collaboration with the Nigerian Minister of Justice and Attorney-General proscribed the activities of IPOB through the Abuja High Court without knowledge of the legal team of the pro-Biafran civil group.

There is an urgent need to seek redress and confirm evidences provided to the Court to warrant the proscription and designation of IPOB as a terrorist group.

Though the legal team of IPOB appealed the proscription but clearly the usual conspiratory stance of the Executive and Judicial arm of government in Nigeria to frustrate every activities of pro-Biafran activists could be in play.

The continuous detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in solitary confinement even after the Appeal Court judgement for his immediate acquittal and discharge is a direct confrontation against the respect and adherence to the Rule of Law in Nigeria.

The Institute For Economic and Peace (IEP) must have been directly influenced by the decision of the Nigerian Judiciary in proscribing IPOB.

The designation of IPOB as a global terror group will have direct impact on the Economic and Development of Nigeria.

Nigeria is ranked as the 8th most-terrorised country in the world involving the Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) in 6th position, BokoHaram in 7th position and IPOB in 10th position.

According to the 2022 Global Terrorism Index (GTI) report, “IPOB is a separatist movement with many factions, many of which are seeking a PEACEFUL succession from Nigeria”.

Then, how was IPOB designated as a deadly terror group in Nigeria?

The GTI report also stated that the most fatal terrorists attacks in 2022 was undertaken by Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) and BokoHaram occured in Borno State ranked 11th, 14th and 20th positions but none of these terror attacks happened in IPOB stronghold of the old eastern region of Nigeria.■



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