In memory of the Oyigbo Massacre

Author: ELDER Nnachi Innocent| Opinion| Afọr| Wednesday| December 21,2022| 15:16 CAT

RUMUOKWURUSI, Obio/Akpor – GOVERNOR Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike of Rivers State during an interview with the publisher of Ovation Magazine, Dele Momodu, had stated vividly that though the Ikwerre people has some sort of cultural affinity with the South-eastern people but they were not from the Igbo ethnic group.

He stated “I’m not from Igbo. You see, People must understand things. We are from the Eastern part of the country. Nobody can deny that fact.”
“My name is Ezebuwon. Now, nobody can deny the fact of our affinity with the Igbos. Nobody can.”
Continuing, “I’m not one politician who will change his identity. I will not change my identity. I will not!”

Notwithstanding, he still went on to proclaim that his name “WIKE” means “new born baby” and not “strong child”, which is actually a desperate effort to deny his identity as he distorted the original translation of his own name.

I hereby place a challenge to the oldest human being of Ikwerre clan to collaborate on the Translation of “WIKE” as given by the governor.

Governor Wike could have publicly denied his Igbo origin because of politics, that is to exonerate himself from the accusation by the Fulani Caliphate that he is secretly sponsoring the civil pro-Biafran group IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu.

I would also blame the Nigerian educational curriculum which deliberately cancelled the teaching of ‘HISTORY’ in every level of education.

As a matter of fact, Nyesom Wike is an indigene of Rumuepirikom in Obio/Akpor of the Ikwerre clan in Rivers state.

He is 55 years of age and a lawyer by profession which should indicate a man of wisdom and intellectual capability but the opposite is the case.

It is quite shocking for such blatant show of shame and self-denial of cultural heritage by the sixth and current governor of Rivers state.

At least, ị am glad that the Rivers state administrator did not reject his Ikwerre Ancestry.

For enlightenment and educational purposes, IKWERRE is also known as IWHURUOHA translated ‘Desire of the People’ in Igbo lingua franca.

According to Wikipedia online, IKWERRE are one of the biggest Igbo subgroups along with the NGWA.

Furthermore, the Rivers state governor’s given birth names are translated in Igbo Language as thus: EZEBUWON means ‘Born as King’; NYESOM means ‘who follows me’ and WIKE means ‘Strong Child’.

Also, his Ancestral land of RUMUEPIRIKOM means ‘Children of Epirikom’.

Political pressure is quite synonymous with Nigeria politics but that which forced Governor Wike to deny his Igbo heritage showed the Fulani Caliphate is virtually in charge of every sector in Nigeria.

The denial of his Ancestral Descendants could be as a result of the aftermath of the EndSARS protest which turned bloody in Rivers state due to confrontation between the protesters and the Fulani settlers.

OYIGBO TOWN originally called ‘OBIGBO’ translated as ‘the gathering place of Igbos’ is located in Oyigbo Local Government of Rivers state, was left in bloodshed and destruction after the event of the EndSARS protest which took place across Nigeria.

The EndSARS protest was a civil movement against the extra-judicial violence and killings by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police.

The protest conspiratory became ethnic-based in Rivers state as the confrontation led to death and injuries on both warring parties.

The Fulani Caliphate rather than douse tension decided to incite and accuse Governor Wike of tolerating the civil pro-Biafran group, IPOB, whom were accused of championing the EndSARS protest and targeting Fulani settlers in the state.

One may ask is IPOB also responsible for the same EndSARS protest which turned bloody in Lekki, Lagos State?

The business town of Oyigbo was pinpointed as the Headquarters of IPOB, without any form of proper investigation, the Nigerian security agencies accused followers of the civil pro-Biafran group of causing carnage in Rivers state.

The malicious report was accepted by Governor Wike who in a televised broadcast swore never to permit the functions of IPOB and promised to root them out of the state.

Immediately, Governor Wike imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in Oyigbo Local Government Area, power supply was interrupted, phone and Internet service was shut down, then the military invaded the locality.

According to official statement from a Civil and Human Right group, the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (INTERSOCIETY), Governor Wike aided the massacre in Oyigbo Town and environs which occurred for 14 days from 21st October to 4th November, 2020.

INTERSOCIETY, after its investigation, researches and verification stated that the military invasion of Oyigbo Town led to close range shooting to death of at least 110 unarmed citizens and terminal injuring of at least 200 others.

The Civil group report also stated after confirmation and identification, released a conservative figure of at least 50 dead and 80 injured unarmed citizens residing in Oyigbo and its environs, with further extensive investigation to be carried out.

The slain victims seen and verified were shot with the intent to kill or slay as bullet penetration were found at the forehead/brain, chest/heart, abdomen, manhood, stomach, eyes/nose/mouth regions of their corpses.

Manual and Forensic investigated video and photo evidences clearly depicted corpses of the slain victims littered inside the bushes and by the roadsides, with some buried shallowly or left to decomposed and others picked up by their relatives or emergency officials.

The Videos also clearly showed the deadly use of force by culpable Soldiers and Police personnel as military warfare hardware were used against unarmed civilians.

Also independently verified, is the blindfolding and arrest of over 200 persons whom were stripped half-naked and there whereabouts is yet unknown as they could not be found in custody of the Rivers state Police Command as at 4th November 2020.

These have raised suspicion of secret killings, possible decimation of their bodies with acidic substances to erase traces and also illegal detention in secret locations of the Nigeria armed forces.

There were also accusations of sexual harassment or the rape of unmarried/young married women; General acts of torture; mass arrest of Residents; looting and destruction of homes and business premises.

Most worrisome, is the shooting at close range and instant killing of about four persons by soldiers on October 24, 2022, four meters away from the convoy of Governor Wike when he went to assess his military deployment and curfew at Oyigbo Town.

These residents had come out of their homes to hear what the Rivers state governor came to tell them when soldiers sighted them and opened fire, killing them instantly.

It is said that to “Err is Human and to Forgive is Divine”.

Governor Wike is Human and could have hastily made wrong decisions concerning Oyigbo Town and the proper action that ought to be triggered is the commissioning of a Truth and Reconciliations Committee to hear the case and recommend actions.

The lack of acknowledgement, incompassion and non-compensation for the slain victims of the Oyigbo Massacre will continue to be a stench and stigma on the legacy of Governor Wike.

The Rivers state Chief Executive has continually denied his involvement in the wanton extra judicial destruction of lives and properties which occurred in Oyigbo Town.

But he should not deny that a heinous crime against humanity was committed against unarmed citizens at Oyigbo Town from 21st October to 4th November 2020 after he imposed a curfew and to shoot at sight at those who flouts the directive.

Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike was tactically maneuver by the Fulani Caliphate in his quest to become the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

And my advise to him is to return home, consciously look at his time in office so as to leave a lasting accomplishments.

As his tenure in the Brick House official residence of the Rivers state governor elapses on 29th May 2023, Governor Wike should urgently seek restitution for the Oyigbo Massacre.

Though he might have rejected his Igbo Ancestry, an abomination was committed in an Ancient Igbo settlement against its indigenes by an ethno-religiously imbalanced armed invaders.


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