EDITORIAL: North Korea & Biafra; Ballistic Missiles Test-Runs

By Chima Onyekachi

<SUNBIGHT>~Editorial~Afor~23rd November, 2022 @ 17:20 CAT

INTERNATIONAL news outlet WION recently reported that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea [DPRK] has test-run 40 Missiles in 20 Locations in the past 11 months of 2022, a record-breaking feat described as having “unnerved global powers.”

That is, World Leaders of United States, European Union, Asia and others are frightened over the actions of President Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

The African continent seem to have no opinion nor concern about the effect of Ballistic Missiles of both Continental and Intercontinental distances when in actual times there have been numerous test-runs of such weapons of mass destruction by the Biafran National Guard-BNG domiciled in the old Eastern region of Nigeria, West Africa.

According to Wikipedia, Ballistic Missile is a type of missile that uses projectile motion to deliver war heads on a target.

These Ballistic Missiles can carry conventional high explosions as well as Chemical, Biological, or Nuclear munitions.

These could be ranged into ‘ Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles [IRBMs] and ‘Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles [IRBMs].’

The INTERMEDIATE RANGE BALLISTIC MISSILES [IRBMs] are those with ranges of 1,000 to 5,500km (620 to 3,400 miles) and Shorter-range Ballistic Missiles [SRBM] of ranges from 500 to 1,000km.

While the INTERCONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILES can be projected to 300 miles(480km), 300 to 600 miles(480 – 965km), 600 to 3,300 miles(965-5,310km) and more than 3,300 miles(5,310km).

Taking a tour of the official Facebook page of ‘Biafran National Guard – BNG’, videos posted showed test-run of ballistic missiles launches of different ranges.

Notably is the BNG ‘Eke Ogba 1967’ ground-to-air missile Launcher to be used against aircraft and fighter jet.

It is worthy of note that these computerised-propelled weapons are loaded with Thermonuclear warheads of vastly greater destructive power.

The World Leaders are baffled that North Korea which is described as an “improvised nation” could afford the finance and logistics for the production of high-defensive military machineries and hardware.

Moreover, I am more concerned about the ‘Biafran Armed Forces’ that has in a single year proven capability of defending whatsoever aggressions against ‘Biafran Territories’ as disclosed in the speeches and interviews of her GCO, General Innocent N. Orji.

The ongoing Ukraine and Russia war should educate the world leaders on the catastrophic effect of Ballistic Missiles against mankind and civilization.

Similarly, Peoples of Biafra and North Korea have suffered inhumane conditions that could have made the Biafran National Guard to seek strategy so as to avoid a repeat of genocidal annihilation of 1967-70.

Treated as a rogue state, the Pyongyang-government of Korean Peninsula feeling threatened by the constant military drills of the U.S armed forces on the sea and grounds of neighbours – Japan and South Korea therefore resorted to production and development of its nuclear arsenal which may include a hydrogen bomb and missiles capable of reaching the soils of the United States of America.

For the sake of Humanity, Respect for Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms of the Indigenous Nations of North Korea and Biafra, the Preservation of self-government should be prioritized without interference to their freedom, growth and development.

The Armed Forces of both Nations have demonstrated determination and strive to defend her territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Their military actions should not be taken for granted to avoid a global war.■

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