2022 Independence Day of The Sovereign State Of Biafra

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For The Commemoration Of The One-Year Anniversary Of The Re-declaration & Independence Of The Sovereign State Of Biafra


By Chima Onyekachi


On the 30th October 2021, the Re-declaration and the Re-hoisting of the Independence Flag of the Sovereign State of  Biafra was raised high by the RSM Ezeh Samuel Agwọ Tụrụ Mbe EkeneChukwu, signalling the rebirth of the nation.


I was a witness to that remarkable ceremony that was heralded with the Biafran National Anthem and a parade commanded by the General Commanding Officer of BNG, General Innocent. N. Orji.


For those who do not want to understand the effect of that Historic Ceremony it would seem like a fiasco to them.


As for the discerning minds, it is a reflection of the Biafran Peoples Right to Self-determination.


According to the Biafra Charter Article 5.C.1 – “The IDENTITY of each individual is traceable through the mechanism and family of Human species, the large Family or Circle of the Universe, to an ultimate Original Principle which may be Personified  or Personalized in a manner that affords the most meaning to the individual.


The Biafra Charter also in Article 5.2[A] confirms that “RIGHTS is the Basic and Original Rights [Fundamental Rights] of an Individual are not Earned and not Assigned  but NATURALLY accrue to the individual by virtue of the fact of the individual’s identity as recognised above whence such rights derive.”

“The Charter shall not allow or respect any arrogation resulting in the deliberate or calculated curbing or denial of such Rights.”


I wondered what about when General ChukwuEmeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declared the Biafra First Republic in 1967 and it stood the test of time, never reoccupied by the Nigerian State.

Surely, there would have been a clear fact that the nation of Biafra is built on ingenuity, resilience, spirituality and talents.


The forced union or amalgamation of southern and northern Protectorate to form Nigeria has resulted in the marginalization, underdevelopment and ethnic bigoism specifically against Indigenous Biafrans.


The Right to Self-determination as convenant by international law and instrument has being triggered by the Biafran Supreme Military Council of Administration [BSMCA] of the Biafran National Guard-BNG.


In essence, the people of Biafra ought to allowed their Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms without Restraint or Distortion  in expression of those Rights.


The Right to Self-determination and the Right to Self-defence are NATURALLY accrued to the Peoples of Biafra and should respected by the Nigerian State and diplomatic corps.


The Biafran National Guard of the Biafran Army, Biafran Air-Force, Biafran Navy and Biafran Detective Force is mandated to protect and defend the people of Biafran, properties, borders and territories from any form of internal and external aggressions.


The developmental strategy of the Biafran Nation should begin to be implemented so as to showcase the ability of Indigenous Biafrans to self- governance.


At least, in the next seven years the freedom, growth and development of the Sovereign State of Biafra should a case study for othe Indigenous people seeking the Rights to Self-determination and Self-defence.


I humbly call for the immediate release and acquittal of the following Prisoners of Conscience; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Benjamin Onwuka, Victor Iroha, Francis Agwu and others.■



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