OPINION: If Kuje Prisons Were To Be Onitsha Prisons?

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Biafra, Central Africa – THE Kuje Correctional Centre or Kuje Prisons was attacked last week by the dreaded BokoHaram terrorists sect. The attack lasted for over two hours and saw the release of over sixty-four(64) of their members.

Till date, nobody has been arrested or on trial for such criminal attack on a government secured facility.

The only prison ị have visited in my life is the Onitsha Correctional Centre located at Marine, close to Akpaka Residential Estate in Anambra  state.

I did not visit the prison as  an inmate but to have a press chat with an important pro-Biafran activist in person of General Innocent Orji of the Biafran National Guard-BNG.

When I read the news of the attack on the Kuje Prisons, ị couldn’t but be astonished at such brazen attack. Startled, reminiscing at the walls of the Onitsha Prisons, ị marvelled if that of Kuje Prisons was not as high or strong as the former.

The fence and walls of the Onitsha Prison ị visited is highly fortified and would not be easily penetrated.

Meanwhile, the video of the attack which was released by the BokoHaram terrorists revealed that highly volatile explosives were used to destroy the fence and walls of the Kuje Prisons.

From my personal experience, it is a herculean task to gain entrance to the prison even as a visitor as ị went through a whole lot of scrutiny via questions and body search before ị was allowed to enter.

This simply means that the attack on the Kuje Prisons was well-planned and executed with inputs from a source within the prison.

And i wondered, what if the same attack had occured at the Onitsha Correctional Centre or Onitsha Prisons?
I bet President Muhammadu Buhari would never have visited like he did to the Kuje Prison.

The residents of Akpaka Residential Estate would have been humilated and their fundamental freedom violated by the Nigerian security forces.

A dusk to dawn curfew might be declared by Governor Chukwuma Soludo.

The Onitsha Main Market which is not too far from the prison would have had a heavy security presence to frustrate and frighten the traders and customers.

The Marine area of the prison will have a permanent military facility or barrack.

Definitely, there will be extra-judicial mass arrest and murder of innocent youths and then a forced confession covered by the press claiming responsibility for the attack on the prison.

In essence, none of the above had occurred in Kuje but the Nigerian government is quick to take drastic action to intimidate the people of old eastern Nigeria (Indigenous Biafrans) wherever there is a fracas against a Federal facility or personnel but will be ignorant of decisive actions when such occurs in the Northern region of Nigeria.■

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