The Bridge To The Sovereign State of Biafra

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THE Bridge that must be crossed to enable Indigenous Biafrans begin the exercise of their natural right to self-governance and the full enjoyment of autonomy is not the so-called Muhammadu Buhari 2nd Niger Bridge that has caused a lot of hullabaloo on Twitter recently.

The naming of the 2nd Niger Bridge after an active  participant of the 1967-70 Biafran Genocide in the person of President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria will surely ruffle feathers from the old eastern region of the country but every true Biafran will care less about such misinformed agenda for the name can be changed or erased as at when due.

I’m simply referring to the fact that the full autonomy of the sovereign state of Biafra will erase every art of servitude been displayed by most politicians from the old eastern region.

The Bridge, the peoples of Biafra should be more concerned about ought to be the self-defence of our lives, properties, borders and territories.

Every sensible Biafran must take cue from the unwarranted destruction of lives, homes and properties by the Nigerian armed forces at Orsu, Ihiala, Awo-Mmamma, Orlu, Amangwu-Ohaofia, etc.

The territories of Biafra have been marked for bombardment and destruction by the Nigerian security forces whom prefer to engage in confrontation against innocent and defenseless civilians rather than be up to task in battling those described as unknown gunmen.

Innocent Biafran youths are arrested at random,tagged as “unknown gunmen” imprisoned without trials for several years and even summarily executed.

The exposive investigation by several human rights groups and countless petitions to the global community has done nothing to deter the heinous crimes against Indigenous Biafrans and what is left for us is to defend ourselves or we shall be vanquished.

It maybe rosy and incident-free in our places of abound which has made us comfortable and forgetful but be rest assured that it is for awhile because the wind of violence orchestrated against the Peoples of Biafra do not bear a particular name, skin colour, social status nor identity.

The United Nations Charter in its Article 51 has enshrined our right to self-defense against any form of armed attack.

The earlier Biafrans prioritise the bridge they wish to cross, the better for our future generations.■

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