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Author: Ikenga Onyekachi

TO my understanding, the core fear of the political elites of Biafran origin in relation to the agitation for the Sovereign State of Biafra, specifically those serving in the government of Nigeria is the fear of been left out of the administration of an independent Biafra.

I could understand that fear but that kind of thoughts reveals the quest for their personal gain and affluence.

Most of these politicians are aware that they have taken more of their time in politics to enrich themselves rather than develop the society and people whom they claim to be serving.

These politicians have pretentiously claimed ignorance of the issues that brought about the quest for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.
But at the same time these politicians are urging for the agitators to shield their sword.

I beg to ask, how can they be able to solve or address the agitation for Biafra when they cannot publicly state the grievances that has inflamed the desire of the people of old eastern Nigeria to have their own independent nation?

The Biafra Genocide of 1967-70 marks fifty-two years and the fact checked that most of these politicians were victims or infants during that time and should have done more to avert the grievances for independence but clearly they prefer to engage in enriching themselves and obey the bidding of the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria.

It is a huge failure that for over two decades that the agitation for Biafra gained momentum beginning from Ralph Uwazuruike of MASSOB, these politicians have taken for granted the desire of the people, preferring to engage in bribery, violence and even death against the freedom fighters.

These politicians must take responsibility for their failure and accept the truth that majority of Biafrans are no longer comfortable with the forced union created by British-born Frederick Lugard and named ‘Nigeria’ by his girlfriend Flora Shaw.

The political class must come to the realization that the sovereign state of Biafra is now in a defensive state of securing her people, borders and territories.

I want to inform these politicians that the military wing for the restoration of Biafra which is the Biafran National Guard-BNG has re-declared the sovereignty of Biafra and re-hoisted the flag of independence on the 30th of October, 2021.

It is a little too late for the politicians to cry foul of not been carried along by the Biafran armed forces.

If these politicians had chosen wisdom and not selfishness, they would have engaged in the development of infrastructures and people of the old eastern region of Nigeria.

The refineries, seaports, roads, schools, etc should have been developed to international standard and not left to rot away.

It is grievous that the Apapa-Lagos Seaport is congested while the Onne, Warri and Calabar Seaports are in a comatose state even with the high rate of unemployment of youths.

More saddening is the construction of a drydock in Kaduna-northern Nigeria to cushion the effects of the Apapa Seaport congestion.

It is cruel that crude oil is explored in the coastal region of Biafra and then exported abroad for refinement while the nearby Port Harcourt and Warri refineries is deteriorated and grounded. The indigenes are left with the pollution and degradation of their lands and waters.

Meanwhile, underground pipelines are channelled from the coastal region of Biafra transporting crude oil to northern Nigeria and neighbouring Niger Republic.

These politician are myopic and lacks courage to raise a bill to enforce the teaching of History which was scrapped from the educational curriculum by the Fulani-controlled government of Nigeria.
They prefer to engage in discussions relating to open cattle grazing and constituency funds.

It is unforgivable that the road networks in the old eastern region is the worst of its kind in Nigeria even as the region is responsible for the enrichment of the ‘British colony’.

The politicians are ignorant of the poor state of the hospitals, schools and other social amenities because they prefer to patronise those located abroad.

I could write a book about the failure of these politicians but I will rather profer solutions.

Therefore, I humbly advise the politicians of Biafran origin to wake up to the reality and understand the desire of the peoples of Biafra for self-determination and self-defence, which are natural rights recognised by international laws and instruments.

Are these politician dumb and blind to understand that President Muhammadu Buhari has consistently advocated and expressed his support to the people of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic seeking autonomy of its territories from Morroco?

The rights to self-determination and self-defence are UNIVERSAL RIGHTS which cannot be denied the peoples of Biafra.

I implore these politicians to engage with the Biafran Armed forces for the self-defence of their people, borders and territories from the marauding jihad foot soldiers that have infiltrated the Nigeria armed forces and Aso Rock.


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