“We are prepared for self-defence of our sovereignty and shall unveil more missiles” – BNG (VIDEO)

Report by Kamalu IROEGBULAM

Exclusive video of BNG Missile test-run

IN a brief chat with SUNBIGHT MEDIA, Colonel Gabriel Onwukwe of the Biafran National Guard (BNG) has expressed the readiness of the “Biafra armed forces to defend the sovereignty of the nation.”

He hailed the unveiling and test-run of their missiles named ‘BNG Red Devil 01’ and ‘Alikakwu 021’ respectively.

“We shall continue to unveil more ballistic missiles to let the world understand that whatever it shall take to defend our people, boundaries, borders and territories shall be done” he added.

Colonel Gabriel Onwukwe stated that those still in doubt of the capabilities of the armed forces and missiles would have their doubts cleared soon.

He termed as successful the recent test-run of the ‘Alikakwu 021′ and other missiles which were not publicly disclosed.

The deputy head of BNG kicked against the harassment of innocent and defenceless Indigenous Biafrans by the occupying Nigerian Army who have laid siege in towns and villages in search of body marks on the youths.

He further warned members of the local vigilante group assisting the Nigerian soldiers with information that their days of reckoning is fast approaching.

Colonel Onwukwe demands adherence on the United Nations Human Rights General Recommendation XXIII (1997) on Indigenous peoples, which calls on States, inter alia, to Ensure indigenous peoples have equal rights in respect of effective participation in public life and that no decisions directly relating to their rights and interests are taken without their informed consent; and

Recognize and protect the rights of indigenous peoples to own, develop, control and use their communal lands, territories and resources and, where they have been deprived of their lands and territories traditionally owned or otherwise inhabited or used without their free and informed consent, to take steps to return those lands and territories.

In conclusion, he called for the support of the citizens in whatsoever suitable ways in the defence of Biafra sovereignty. ■





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