REACTIONS: Africans at Home and in Diaspora expresses sadness over a $55 million deal struck by the government of Sierra Leone and China to sell its Rainforest

A $55 million deal struck by the government of Sierra Leone and China to build an Industrial fishing harbour on 100 hectares(250 acres) of beach and protected rain forest has been criticised  as “a catastrophic human and ecological disaster” by conservationists, landowners and rights groups.
African people have expressed sadness over what they describes as a ugly deal between Sierra Leone and China .

As collated by African Report Files, Bovet Maloba, CEO of “WILL YOU MARRY MI”, a platform that promotes Marriage among African people and it descendants . Mr Maloba a buisness man based in  United States of America USA is a Southern Cameroonian by birth in his reaction, have  asked African people to take serious actions  for a radical changes beyond social media criticism.


“My take on this issue is that of sadness as usual because Sierra Leone represent Sub Saharan Africa.  Everything that China and Western countries are doing in Sierra Leone is exactly what they do in the whole  of Sub Saharan Africa.
All we do is criticize on social media but we never follow up to see if the leaders took our criticisms seriously and made changes.

Neocolonialism is alive and well, just like the Chinese, every other continent trading with us is happily taking advantage of our laziness.

The marriage between African leaders and the African people has been characterised by unfaithfulness for a long time. Our leaders are cheating on us with the West, Asia and everyone who flirts with them.

Similarly, the suffering Africans also have their own share of the blame. Our leaders don’t come from space, they are our brothers and sisters, if they are corrupt it’s because we as a people are corrupt.

During elections in Africa we display our immorality  by supporting and voting to power only leaders who corrupt us with Beer and bags of Rice.
We show no interest in the policies proposed by the Candidates. The one who bribes us carry the day, so we deserve what’s happening to us.

Chinese, Europeans and Americans are not smarter than us, we live  and school with them in Western and Eastern cities. They have no special knowledge that we lack, the only reason why their countries are leading ours is because our leaders lack of will to make the difference.

Also, the only reason these thieving African political class continue in their thievery is because we don’t stand up against them. Even when a small portion of the population try to resist, the leaders will use the old colonial tactics of divide and rule to make us fight against the smart few who tried to resist them. Tribalism remains their most effective tool they use to practice divide and rule.

The day Africans will unite and say no to Tribalism or any kind of Favoritism In favor of truth and justice, that will mark the beginning of the better days to come for our continent.

Africa has 1.3 billion people,  this represent an outstanding market. With this huge market we don’t need China or any foreign nation to prosper, we have the capacity to trade among ourselves. We don’t need to produce what we don’t consume, the old lie that those things we don’t consume are “cash crops” whatever that means should be forgotten.  Plantains, Yams and Groundnuts that we consume can also bring us cash. We can’t be producing what we can’t consume, just for people to decide the prices of what we produce in Belgium, Switzerland & Beijing etc. Nobody can decide prices for our plantains,  Yams and Groundnuts cause if they don’t buy it we will consume it happily, said Mr Bovet Maloba.

Also reacting , Prof Tshilidzi Nenzhelele  from the University of South Africa (UNISA) frowned as he pitied  the future generations who will bear the burden .

“Cry my beloved Africa. It is discouraging to learn that even today we still have African countries selling precious natural jewels for worthless papers (money). The current and future generations should pay for something that belong to them by birth. Sierra Leone why would you sell us?”.♧

[Courtesy: Pan-African Daily TV]



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