Ben Bright


■ In a trending Facebook post made by a Mr Bright Ben residing in Port – Harcourt who is alleging that the General Overseer of World Bank Assembly, Pastor Moses Adeeyo, snatched his wife of 12 years whom he had married both traditionally and in church, birthed two kids – a boy and girl.

According to the Facebook post, he introduced his wife, Mrs. Tina Bright , to the church located in Eneka, Obio-Akpor of Rivers State and they both became full financial members thereby well known to Pastor Adeeyo.

After seven months of attending the church, his wife was appointed for special duties by the Pastor and she moved out of her matrimonial home with both kids while her husband was at work.

Mr. Bright Ben claimed he searched for her everywhere he could and asked everyone that knew her including Pastor Moses Adeeyo who feigned ignorance of her whereabout. Later, the Pastor stopped picking his calls and blocked him from accessing him.

Eventually, he saw wedding pictures of his wife and the Pastor while surfing the Internet. And when he confronted Pastor Adeeyo, he claimed that the Holy Spirit revealed that Mrs. Tina Bright is his wife and he has to get married to her.

Is the Holy Spirit an author of confusion? laments Mr. Bright Ben

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